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Glimpse of 2011 UGRR Tour

30 days in 30 minutes


1down 6 to go


So, we’re in Meadville, PA for a college visit to Allegheny College for my son Mahlique. I had my head down on the dashboard because my daughter, Naya, had said “yeah, that’s awful” for the tenth time when a woman knocked on the window to make sure I was alright.  This must be a nice college town.  Mahlique will like it here.

Coincidentally, we slept in a hotel just up the street when we finished the SnR UGRR tour of 2011. So close. As a matter of fact, we cycled very close to here, about 30 miles, when we stopped at Sarah’s Campground on lake ERIE.  Wow, life is so interesting.