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Kate, First Day of Tour!

Today we set off at 7:30 for the very first day of tour. I felt pretty well prepared and was proud of myself for getting ready fast and getting on the road. The first half of the day went along better than I expected especially since Iowa is super flat, unlike the hills in NC. You can look out from the road and see miles and miles out because the land is so flat. Iowa also has lots of corn.

  Unfortunately, after lunch, things turned to worse as I got a really bad sunburn rash on my legs which was very painful (I have a feeling I will be slathering on that aloe vera a lot), and got extremely cranky from being so tired, and hot. It was easy to compare myself to Aragon fighting to survive on his horse after being flung off a cliff (Lord of the Rings reference anyone?). I might have been a tad dramatic. The breaking point ended with me having a small mental breakdown by the side of the road but luckily was cheered up by Ms. Sue, Kevin, Jeimy, and Khin.

At the end of the day we totaled 72 miles ending Onawa, Iowa. All in all the first day was pretty rough and I am not looking forward to tomorrow, but I do know next week will be easier. Tomorrow me and Maysa plan on taking it slow and taking some awesome shots of the scenery.

– Kate the Great