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Damaris’ Aug 8 Blog Entry ~ SnR Tour of Discovery along #acaLewisClark route and #acaPacCoast while visiting #NatlParkService Parks

DamarisThis entire tour (Lewis & Clark Trail, Buffalo Soldier Trail, and Pacific Coast Highway) has been one life changing experience. It’s been especially life changing for me because I’ve never been to this part of the US before and before my senior year in high school I’ve only been to Florida, Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee. Not only did I learn an awful lot about myself I’ve also learned how to push myself both physically and mentally. Two of the most important things you need to learn how to accomplish in order to succeed in life. This tour has also strengthened my love for biking and camping that I definitely plan to continue doing for as long as I possibly can.

I’m also very appreciative, not only on this trip but, for everything, I have and everyone around me.


Damaris’ Aug 5 Blog Entry ~ SnR Tour of Discovery along #acaLewisClark route and #acaPacCoast while visiting #NatlParkService Parks

DamarisAs an aspiring marine biologist and travel-loving biker, biking down the Pacific Coast is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done, so far. Not only did I see some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States by visiting the National Parks but I also got to see some fo the most interesting marine animals on earth; such as seals, starfish, carb and gray whales. Seeing and interacting with these creatures has always been a dream of mine. Doing this trail has got me planning another coastal tour in the future.

Jeimy (Luis)~ Tour of Discovery along #acaLewisClark and Pacific Coast Tour along #acaPacCoast Complete!

Once we started this part of the tour you could immediately notice a major difference in the terrain. I really enjoyed cycling the coast because for almost the whole trip we were riding along the ocean. Even though it looked the same at every turn you could never get tired of looking at its beauty. My favorite moments were during the late mornings because when you looked out to the ocean it almost always seemed as the sky and the sea became one at the horizon. After a long day’s ride the sunsets were just as breathtaking and lovely.

Like the Lewis and Clark part of the tour we had so many memorable moments that I will never forget them. Most of them having to do with the relaxing times when we all just “hung out”, climbed around the shore cliffs and explored our surroundings for the evening.

If you didn’t know, I collect shot glasses and have been able to pick one up from every state we’ve visited so far. On our second to last day in Oregon I realized I hadn’t purchased one yet so in almost every town we passed through I’d stop to look but at each stop there were none to be found. Our last day in Oregon I only had a four mile window (not much time in cycling terms) to find one before we entered into California. This is the day I realized how everyone on the trip had bonded with one another because everyone, including the adults, helped me find a shot glass to add to my collection. It was fortuitous that we stopped in a little shopping area to get our touring coffee addicts their daily fix (I mean their thrice daily cup of coffee) and there it was, my Oregon Lighthouse shot glass! I enjoyed this day so much because it was like a man-hunt, except for a hunt for a shot glass.

Another moment I enjoyed was the last day of the Pacific Coast Highway where we made it to San Francisco. We stayed at a hotel right outside the city. Once we unpacked we piled back into the van and headed to Chinatown. Uncle Rich treated us all to “I ♥ San Francisco” t-shirts and I, of course, got my shot glass.  Afterwards we walked around until we found a nice Vietnamese restaurant to have dinner.  The food was great and we got a chance to watch the track and field events in the Olympics.

With dinner over we walked around a little more, poking our heads into shops here and there. In one of them Rich bought some candy in which he let me help decide which flavors were best to select. We also hit up a bakery and got deals on quite a few delicious baked goods. I got some sort of paper cupcake which turned out to be so delicious that I decided to learn how to make some when I got back home.

On our way back to the hotel we were looking out into the city when we saw a random group of people dancing and figured it was a flash-mob. Of course we stopped and went to join them and dance for a while. It turned out to be a pre-wedding event and they wanted anyone who desired to join them in their celebration. So we did. It was extremely fun. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. That was a great idea. Watch out Chapel Hill/Carrboro there might be one coming to town soon. It was a perfect ending to our tour and another moment to add to our collection of beautiful, unforgettable moments.

Damaris’ July 26 Blog Entry ~ SnR Tour of Discovery along #acaLewisClark route and #acaPacCoast while visiting #NatlParkService Parks



I‘m sad to say that we’ve arrived in Astoria and the SnR Tour of Discovery along the Lewis and Clark Trail is over. The Lewis and Clark Trail was amazing! We saw everything from bison and bald eagles to wild burros and elk. I thought I had already known everything about their trip from taking the Civil Ware and American West courses in high school but I was terribly mistaken. I learned a great deal more from not only the random historic sites on the roadsides but the interactive museums, as well.

Biking the trail was hard so I can imagine how hard it was for the Lewis and Clark corps to do it on foot while carrying all of their materials. This trail also made me appreciate history a lot more because learning all that I have I would be one clueless American.