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The Greatest Journey

Sammy 1

I accepted a challenge from this group call “Spoken Revolutions”, I knew the task was not going to be something easy but that’s exactly why I joined. I left home on June the 22nd two days before my birthday, and headed to Indiana, the home of Mrs Sue”s relatives, there we had our first group family dinner played some games and I even had my own little birthday celebration with little cupcakes for me and everyone in the group,thank you Mrs Sue and Kevin for that one, I was not expecting that surprised. We started biking the day after and head to the next state, the first days were the toughest but I always tried to stay on the lead just to prove to myself that I’m not the slowest neither the weakest one, so if I’m not in most of the tapes that’s because I’m in the front. The challenge ended up being the biggest mental, physical challenge I’ve ever faced since we have had to fight against many natural and mental challenges throughout the journey, everything from winds that would blow you off your bike to the ground to 5 and 6 mile hills that would make you want to get off your bike and be like”I’m not doing this anymore, this is absurd and I don’t even know why I’m doing this”. But there is more good then there is bad, you know what the law of gravity says, everything that goes up has to come down and that’s when the fun starts.

Anyways the adventure has been great, I’ve climb the slippery mountains of the Bad Lands of South Dakota, and got lost on the Geyser Basin of Yellow Stone National Park, right where they have all the cool volcanic vessels, I’m hot-headed sometimes, I went exploring the whole park and my goal was to check out every Sauna on the park and so I just walk all around the huge park by myself looking at the cool steaming looking vessels, it was incredible to be honest, I would have never thought there were lakes that have multiple colors in the interior but with such clear water, the smell that it spread was like Hydrogen Sulfate.

When I’m biking it feels like I’m in total control on my actions and with the amazing view around me, it honestly feel like if I was inside a video game, is really a very positive feeling you get when you make your way up one or two big hills, but that’s something you’ll have to figure out yourself lol.

The group activities and the moments we have spent together is being difficult for the most part but at the end we end up coming together as a big weird non-alike looking family.  Anyways every single one of the riders are very special kids in their own way, we all are very smart and “I trust them all”.