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Kyvon – July 15 First Day Back Cycling on the SnR #acaLewisClark Tour of Discovery


Today was the first day back on the bikes and like usual, I’m injured.  I rolled my ankle yesterday goofing around. Even thought I hurt my ankle I still kept riding.  For today to be our first day back we all rode pretty fast and we finished 21 miles in only an hour and 10 minutes.  After we finished that we took a break at a gas station.  Once we left the gas station we kept riding until my seat became loose on my bicycle. This happened while I was riding up a hill. So, I basically had to ride with no seat until I reached the top. I told Kevin that my seat fell so he gave me a tool to fix it. I tried to use the tool but it looked like it wasn’t working so I turned it harder until the piece that held it in place broke. Since we didn’t have any extra seat post clamps on the tour I couldn’t ride for the rest of the day.  It would be too painful on my ankle and knees if I rode with my seat broken.

After we put my bike in the trailer we drove to a state par to get water for the rest of the group and also to rest. Once we finished there we drove to a gas station wo wait for the rest of the group. We waited for a while and then we saw everyone pull in.  Some motorcyclist told us that we should wait out the approaching storm that was already in the next town called Whitehall because they had just gotten soaked. Soaked driving through there and that’s what we planned to do. Whitehall was our destination for the night.

Then a man came to Suepinda and basically told her that he had heard complaints about there being cyclists on the road and he didn’t want us on his land because he “didn’t like our kind”.  He also told us to not buy anything from his store and that we had to leave his property because he owned that gas station and half the county that we were in at the time.  Suepinda told him that we were just high school students just trying to stay out of the rain but he said he didn’t care and if we wanted to stay we had to pay for a campsite. I can’t believe something like this would happen in the west.  This is the only time someone has been anything but kind to us.


Joseph’s blog 7/3

Having a great time on the tour.

Today we rode 40 miles. The whole terrain was nothing but hill after hill. At this point, 40 miles felt kind of like 60 miles. Although there are many challenging days ahead, it is cool and exciting to see places I have never been to before. Most towns we have cycled through are cool and all have an interesting character to them.

The thing I like about this week is that we have 10 days off of biking in order to see the some of the most famous sites in North and South Dakota and to learn more detail about American history up close and personal that was not possible in classes. I am having so much fun with the friends a have made on this trip.

Ride Day #10~ Just a short 40mile ride to Pollock, SD on the #acaLewisClark Tour

This was a great morning! Seriously! The weather was a grand 72* and there was a 5 mph breeze keeping everything just special. We climbed the 3 miles out of the campsite and turned left with the wind.

We were only going 40 miles today as we are finishing up in Pollock, SD and driving to Bismarck, ND. A new state, finally.

Itza and I rode with Kate who just wasn’t feeling the day, today. I don’t blame her. We’ve been cycling for 10 days now and it’s time for a break. That’s why we’re driving to Bismarck. That’s our destination of rest. Time to allow our minds and butts to heal. We cycled slowly for Kate and during that time Itza and I came up with a song. With Brentton’s help and his harmonica we could maybe do something with it. But for now, here are the lyrics as I currently remember them:

Andando en bicicletta is life
To take away, think twice
Between the land and the sea
There’s no better place to be
When there’s sunshine there’s rain
When there’s joy there’s pain
When you’re climbing the hill
You’ll find no Spanish word for hill

Sobre cuesta means up… the hill
bajando means down… but still
At the end of the day
There’s no Spanish word for hill

South Dakota is hot
Let’s find a shade tree, OR NOT
I guess we’ll suffer the heat
Until the wagon we meet.

Sobre questa means up… the hill
bajando means down… but still
At the end of the day
There’s no Spanish word for hill

El vientro is nice
when you’re by the campsite
But when it crosses your side
your in for a rollercoaster ride

Sobre questa means up… the hill
bajando means down… but still!
At the end of the day
There’s no Spanish word for hill

I’m no John Legend, I know, but this was fun and it did help us pass the time. When we reached the halfway point of 20miles I suggested to Kate that she get in the van. We had another 20 miles to go and it wouldn’t be good to to drag that out with the sun coming out. So, Kate agreed; knowing that today was not a day that she could double her speed.

As we continued on the grande vistas became more spectacular I went against my promise not to take another video or picture of them. I mean all of SD is beautiful rolling hills. So, I took another video.

When we reached Pollock, a town of 397 people, and lunched at their nice City Park. After lunch we repacked the truck and headed to Bismarck, ND then on to Mandan and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park for the night. Mandan was having a festival in celebration of July 4. The whole town was out and coming to celebrate. It looked like a great deal of fun.


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Ride Day #9~ It’s nice of you to visit here on the #acaLewisClark tour

I have to say that climbing out of that valley this morning felt worse than it did going in when I was on my 80th mile!  It must have been the anticipation.  The hills just kept rolling and rolling and rolling. I think the count was 5 hills.  I didn’t count. Didn’t want to. Didn’t want to think about it.

This will be a short entry. We had a great ride, no one was overheated and we had nice cloudcover for pretty much of the day. We clocked in about 75 miles today which includes the 9 miles it took to get out of West Whitlock Recreation Area. So, mapped, it was 66p

The nights are getting cooler now. As I type this at 11:45pm CDT the temperature seems to be around 73* with a slight breeze of about 5mph. Fireworks are going off in the distance.

There was a lovely sunset this evening and a beautiful moonrise. The wind was at our backs today and the DFL team was me, Itza, Jeimy, Maysa and Kate. No repairs has to be made today and all was good.

Everyone went to be in good spirits as I’m going to do now. Enjoy the slide show.

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Kate against the wind

Check out the flag as we head out of Snake Creek Recreation in Platte, SD