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Damaris’ Aug 5 Blog Entry ~ SnR Tour of Discovery along #acaLewisClark route and #acaPacCoast while visiting #NatlParkService Parks

DamarisAs an aspiring marine biologist and travel-loving biker, biking down the Pacific Coast is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done, so far. Not only did I see some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States by visiting the National Parks but I also got to see some fo the most interesting marine animals on earth; such as seals, starfish, carb and gray whales. Seeing and interacting with these creatures has always been a dream of mine. Doing this trail has got me planning another coastal tour in the future.


Kyvon – Aug 3 Traveling Along the Pacific Coast Hwy on #acaPacCoast Route

KyvonWe are finally on the coast and it is gorgeous! I have never been out here and it is everything I dreamed it would be and more. After a long day of riding it feels nice to know that I can sit down, relax and watch the sun fall beneath that gigantic blue horizon. On days we would stop and just take a break on the beach most of the time we would find starfish or crabs. If we found them we would take the time to take photographs so our families could see what we did.

Once we made it to the campground we often had ocean lookouts and we would go as a group and search to water for signs of life. Almost every single day we would see whales resurfacing for air or see seals sunning themselves on large rock formations and often large colorfully billed birds. I have never seen anything like that before in my life.

Once we made it to California we decided to go to the Redwood forest, the tallest trees in the world that can only be found in this one specific spot in California (and as I just learned there are four here in Chapel Hill). When we actually got a chance to hike through the Redwood Forest we saw trees so tall that you would become dizzy in the effort. Banana Slugs, a sign of a healthy forest ecosystem, were found everywhere. We were able to walk through a hollowed out base of a tree and you could tell that the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees! Now I have bragging rights in saying that I have been to the Redwood National Forest.

We’re in Cali! and boy is it cold on the SnR #acaPacCoast Tour

We’re here in Crescent City, CA putting the bikes in the van because there is a 1000 ft climb with a headwind and it’s late.  I’ll blog later and hopefully, the YCs will have something to say.  I prompt but it gets dark by the time I really get to asking them to write for me.  

Thanks for all the kind words again from Whitehall, Montana citizens and the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce. We take encouragement from all that you’ve said on and off the blog.


Almost to Cali! 6 miles to go on the SnR Pacific Coast Trail tour #acaPacCoast

Almost to Cali!  6 miles to go on the SnR Pacific Coast Trail tour #acaPacCoast

Witnessed a extremely beautiful view cresting the hill in Port Orford, OR. Couldn’t believe it and the camera doesn’t capture the jaw dropping awe that we all experienced. When we topped the hill everyone in the van (this photo) exclaimed “Oh, MAN!!! Look at that!”

It was incredible. Wish you were here.

To The Residents of Whitehall, Montana ~ Thank you!!

Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement that folks in Whitehall and the area are not representative of the person in Cardwell.

For the record, the gas station/RV Park/Casino is in Cardwell. It doesn’t have septic and folks have to drive to Whitehall and use the Whitetail RV Park there.  I can’t find where we’ve written the name of the RV Park but it changed name and owners and are trying to get back on its feet from the actions of the previous owner.

The list goes very long for our stay there in Whitehall because from the very beginning Justin, who was managing the property that day, was gracious, obliging and welcoming.  He moved his trailer so that we can pitch our tents, he gave my wife a soda after her long ride (which was big for her), he allowed us to use his grill and even broke bread with us.  He was fantastic.

The Whitetail RV Park (I think that’s the name) also has a laundry that they allow the townspeople to use as well as a car wash.  Justin was great and from the comments of residents of Whitehall he would have made you proud.  Justin is how we remember Whitehall, MT.

I’m sorry if there was some confusion about where the event occurred.  We remember Whitehall fondly.


513 E Legion St, Whitehall, MT

 (406) 287-5315 ‎ · 

770 Mt Highway 2 E, Cardwell, MT


Joseph ~ Expressions Along the Lewis and Clark Trail (#acaLewisClark) on The Tail End of the SnR Tour of Discovery

I’ll never forget the day we reached the west coast. We had only left Portland, OR a couple of days before
and we made it there cycling all the way. The closer we got to the beach the stronger the headwinds became. Once we reached the end of the roads and were cycling alongside the sands and the ocean I knew the ending of the Lewis and Clark journey was near. As usual, Mr. Brogden was in front and the rest of us followed. While maintaining my balance, I leaned my bike to the right to look ahead beyond the line of cyclists. There, in the near distance, I saw a large crowd of people gathered around the gigantic statue of Lewis and Clark. A big sign in front of the monument spelled out the words “End of Trail”. I think we all were relieved to finally reach the end of the trail. It was a personal goal of Itza, Mahlique and I to cycle the entire route and we had achieved that goal. I was proud of our accomplishment.

I thought about how hard it must have been for everyone on the expedition to walk the distance. With that thought came a greater respect for the men, woman and child who had the courage to help link the eastern United States to the west.

Jeimy (Luis)~ Tour of Discovery along #acaLewisClark and Pacific Coast Tour along #acaPacCoast Complete!

Once we started this part of the tour you could immediately notice a major difference in the terrain. I really enjoyed cycling the coast because for almost the whole trip we were riding along the ocean. Even though it looked the same at every turn you could never get tired of looking at its beauty. My favorite moments were during the late mornings because when you looked out to the ocean it almost always seemed as the sky and the sea became one at the horizon. After a long day’s ride the sunsets were just as breathtaking and lovely.

Like the Lewis and Clark part of the tour we had so many memorable moments that I will never forget them. Most of them having to do with the relaxing times when we all just “hung out”, climbed around the shore cliffs and explored our surroundings for the evening.

If you didn’t know, I collect shot glasses and have been able to pick one up from every state we’ve visited so far. On our second to last day in Oregon I realized I hadn’t purchased one yet so in almost every town we passed through I’d stop to look but at each stop there were none to be found. Our last day in Oregon I only had a four mile window (not much time in cycling terms) to find one before we entered into California. This is the day I realized how everyone on the trip had bonded with one another because everyone, including the adults, helped me find a shot glass to add to my collection. It was fortuitous that we stopped in a little shopping area to get our touring coffee addicts their daily fix (I mean their thrice daily cup of coffee) and there it was, my Oregon Lighthouse shot glass! I enjoyed this day so much because it was like a man-hunt, except for a hunt for a shot glass.

Another moment I enjoyed was the last day of the Pacific Coast Highway where we made it to San Francisco. We stayed at a hotel right outside the city. Once we unpacked we piled back into the van and headed to Chinatown. Uncle Rich treated us all to “I ♥ San Francisco” t-shirts and I, of course, got my shot glass.  Afterwards we walked around until we found a nice Vietnamese restaurant to have dinner.  The food was great and we got a chance to watch the track and field events in the Olympics.

With dinner over we walked around a little more, poking our heads into shops here and there. In one of them Rich bought some candy in which he let me help decide which flavors were best to select. We also hit up a bakery and got deals on quite a few delicious baked goods. I got some sort of paper cupcake which turned out to be so delicious that I decided to learn how to make some when I got back home.

On our way back to the hotel we were looking out into the city when we saw a random group of people dancing and figured it was a flash-mob. Of course we stopped and went to join them and dance for a while. It turned out to be a pre-wedding event and they wanted anyone who desired to join them in their celebration. So we did. It was extremely fun. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. That was a great idea. Watch out Chapel Hill/Carrboro there might be one coming to town soon. It was a perfect ending to our tour and another moment to add to our collection of beautiful, unforgettable moments.

Itza (Clarko) on Cycling The Last Leg of the #acaLewisClark SnR Tour of Discovery

Cycling to Astoria, OR was chilly, windy and full of hills, yet it was still pretty great! We arrived to the campsite an hour before it started sprinkling rain. We set up our tents and started “cooking” ramen noodles for dinner. Even if it was sprinkling nothing could place a damper on our arrival to Astoria!

Rich took a handful of us to Fred Meyer (a chain similar to a Super Wal-Mart but BETTER) to buy our celebration desert which consisted of pies, brownies, s’mores and (haha) salad. This was a specific donation in honor of our arrival to Astoria and completion of the Lewis & Clark tour by Tod’s friend in Japan, Portly Joe. Thank you SO much, Mr. Joe! We were going to have a sugar overload that night but decided to eat only the ice cream and have deserts for the next couple of nights.

The next morning we cycled to Seaside, OR to officially end the Lewis & Clark SnR Tour of Discovery. Prior to reaching Seaside we visited a sunken ship just outside of Ft. Stevens State Park. Now that was cool as it was full of barnacles. This was also we saw the Pacific Ocean. Wow, not really what I was expecting. It was cold and cloudy; but we still wanted to jump in and swim. So, we did! Mahlique, Jeimy, Maysa, Jojo, Sammy and I went in for a quick dip. BUURRR, it was ice cold!! We lightly dried off, got back on the bikes and headed to Seaside. When we arrived we took out last Lewis & Clark photo at the statue. What a bittersweet moment.

WE DID IT!! The SnR crew successfully completed the Lewis & Clark Trail. I was in amazement. Nothing could top or come close to the fun times we had. We saw so many animals, built camp fires, went through tons of beautiful places, raced Mr. Brogden, met many cyclists, saw many bikers, wrote songs, and picked and ate blackberries that grew wild along the side of the road. As a result of our experiences we’ve become more like a family. We all have each other’s backs, no matter what. The adventure doesn’t stop here it continues on.

Pacific Coast Highway, here we come!

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Damaris’ July 26 Blog Entry ~ SnR Tour of Discovery along #acaLewisClark route and #acaPacCoast while visiting #NatlParkService Parks



I‘m sad to say that we’ve arrived in Astoria and the SnR Tour of Discovery along the Lewis and Clark Trail is over. The Lewis and Clark Trail was amazing! We saw everything from bison and bald eagles to wild burros and elk. I thought I had already known everything about their trip from taking the Civil Ware and American West courses in high school but I was terribly mistaken. I learned a great deal more from not only the random historic sites on the roadsides but the interactive museums, as well.

Biking the trail was hard so I can imagine how hard it was for the Lewis and Clark corps to do it on foot while carrying all of their materials. This trail also made me appreciate history a lot more because learning all that I have I would be one clueless American.