Changing Lives and Bringing History to Life, One Revolution at a Time!

Donate Now!

Donate Now!

 Help the Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling Continue Creating Cycling Adventures for Youth Cyclists

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling is a youth cycling leadership program operating under the fiduciary sponsorship of The ReCYCLEry, NC, a 501c3 organization.  All donations are tax deductible.

We, at Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling, are very thankful of the departments of the National Park Service, US Forest Service and the Department of Interior, fellow cyclists and youth advocates both local and nationwide and friends, family and community members that contributed and made our riding experience a triumphant achievement.

We didn’t stop moving when we returned.  We came back with a fresh new look on our idea of getting teens back onto bicycles and building this youth leadership program. The transformations we witnessed from the Youth Cyclists during the 2011 UGRR Tour were phenomenal.  As an example, at the beginning of the tour one cyclist, Kyvon, never thought he could go a day without television. Another, Houston, gained a greater appreciation of the efforts those who came before us made. All of the cyclists walked away from the experience more educated than they were before they began. The Brice’s Crossroads visit made an exceptional impression on the Youth Cyclists as they were told of the US Colored Troops bold defense of the retreating Union Army.  Quoting Milton Chen*, “This is project-based learning at its best, combining travel to powerful places with authentic experience of history and geography, collaboration towards a common goal, and intense physical activity. And using the Internet to document the trip…”. The blogs of the Youth Cyclists can be read here We are grooming the next generation of diverse leaders with a mind focused on the sustainability and use of the national parks.

Also, as advocates for cycling and committed to the Let’s Move Outside campaign we held the very first Kidical Mass event in North Carolina that drew over 150 people to get on their bikes and ride with their children.   We followed that by having our benefit celebration in January 2012. In April we held a second Kidical Mass event and an environmental film festival to inspire those to get outside and do something!

This summer we expect to go on tour out west from Council Bluffs, IA to Astoria, OR June 22 following the Lewis and Clark trail and part of the Buffalo Soldiers Bicycle Corps trek of 1897. This small program makes a tremendous impact on the teens we’re able to serve and their lives are seriously transformed.  We are truly a grass roots organization working out of our garage, for the most part, to make a difference whenever and wherever we can.

With a contribution from you we are assured to continue to provide life-changing experiences to future leaders.

By donating to Spoke ʻn Revolutions Youth Cycling you will help continue a program that is affecting youth in positive ways, allowing them to become Youth Cyclists. Every donation goes towards giving the Youth Cyclists in our program an experience they will never forget — one that will empower them, engage them, and lead them to a healthy and powerfully fulfilling lifestyle. Their accomplishments, made by sheer force of will, are life changing in a positive way!

Spoke ʻn Revolutions and The ReCYCLEry perceive cycling not only as a potential solution to many of the problems faced by our slice of North Carolina, but part of a bigger strategy to reduce the environmental footprint of our society. All of our refurbished bikes are built from Triangle area donations. Saving useful bikes from entering the waste-stream is an important part of what we do.

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