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SnR Tour of Discovery Along the #acaLewisClark and #acaPacCoast Routes with stops in #NatlParkService Parks is Over

The Tour of Discovery is complete. We’ve all safely arrived home in good spirits albeit a little road weary. Some are going to college in a few days back to high school in a few weeks. All are enjoying this small break but vow to get back on the bikes soon as acclimate to the new school year.

Next week a few of us are also getting back on the bikes so we don’t lose the momentum created this summer of doing great distances. I for sure am returning to cycling to work, a paltry 29 miles RT. But it’s something.  @Suepyridez has made the same commitment.

Continue to follow and monitor because the YC’s wrap up blogs are coming and boy are they great!  You won’t want to miss this.  Mine are dull compared to theirs.  Stay tuned.



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