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Damaris’ Aug 8 Blog Entry ~ SnR Tour of Discovery along #acaLewisClark route and #acaPacCoast while visiting #NatlParkService Parks

DamarisThis entire tour (Lewis & Clark Trail, Buffalo Soldier Trail, and Pacific Coast Highway) has been one life changing experience. It’s been especially life changing for me because I’ve never been to this part of the US before and before my senior year in high school I’ve only been to Florida, Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee. Not only did I learn an awful lot about myself I’ve also learned how to push myself both physically and mentally. Two of the most important things you need to learn how to accomplish in order to succeed in life. This tour has also strengthened my love for biking and camping that I definitely plan to continue doing for as long as I possibly can.

I’m also very appreciative, not only on this trip but, for everything, I have and everyone around me.


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