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Itza (Clarko) on Cycling The Last Leg of the #acaLewisClark SnR Tour of Discovery

Cycling to Astoria, OR was chilly, windy and full of hills, yet it was still pretty great! We arrived to the campsite an hour before it started sprinkling rain. We set up our tents and started “cooking” ramen noodles for dinner. Even if it was sprinkling nothing could place a damper on our arrival to Astoria!

Rich took a handful of us to Fred Meyer (a chain similar to a Super Wal-Mart but BETTER) to buy our celebration desert which consisted of pies, brownies, s’mores and (haha) salad. This was a specific donation in honor of our arrival to Astoria and completion of the Lewis & Clark tour by Tod’s friend in Japan, Portly Joe. Thank you SO much, Mr. Joe! We were going to have a sugar overload that night but decided to eat only the ice cream and have deserts for the next couple of nights.

The next morning we cycled to Seaside, OR to officially end the Lewis & Clark SnR Tour of Discovery. Prior to reaching Seaside we visited a sunken ship just outside of Ft. Stevens State Park. Now that was cool as it was full of barnacles. This was also we saw the Pacific Ocean. Wow, not really what I was expecting. It was cold and cloudy; but we still wanted to jump in and swim. So, we did! Mahlique, Jeimy, Maysa, Jojo, Sammy and I went in for a quick dip. BUURRR, it was ice cold!! We lightly dried off, got back on the bikes and headed to Seaside. When we arrived we took out last Lewis & Clark photo at the statue. What a bittersweet moment.

WE DID IT!! The SnR crew successfully completed the Lewis & Clark Trail. I was in amazement. Nothing could top or come close to the fun times we had. We saw so many animals, built camp fires, went through tons of beautiful places, raced Mr. Brogden, met many cyclists, saw many bikers, wrote songs, and picked and ate blackberries that grew wild along the side of the road. As a result of our experiences we’ve become more like a family. We all have each other’s backs, no matter what. The adventure doesn’t stop here it continues on.

Pacific Coast Highway, here we come!

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