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Joe’s #acaLewisClark Blog- July 10-11

Having the time of his life.

July 10

Today we reached the Rocky Mountains on our first trip to Yellowstone National Park. I was totally amazed at how much bigger the Rocky Mountains were than the mountains in North Carolina. The tips of the caps on the mountains had snow on them. At one of our stops we got to feel and touch it (on top of Bear Tooth Hwy).  We acted as if we had never seen snow before.  We also got to see many waterfalls surrounded by evergreen trees.  The water was so cold because of the melting snow and ice into the newly created streams that turn into the rivers below.  I have many great pictures of this phenomenal experience.


July 11

I was so excited when I heard we were having chili macaroni tonight. The last time we had this for dinner, I went back for thirds. But before we could eat this meal each of the campers went in a circle and said something nice about each other. After dinner, we had to set up our tents because we were afraid of the bears getting to us late at night.

In Yellowstone National Park you have to take extreme precaution when it comes to cleaning up after yourself because of the animals. One thing I noticed is that at night is it gets really cold and sometimes it’s hard to sleep.  Good thing I was fully covered for bed.


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