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July 12 SnR #acaLewisClark Tour of Discovery – Side track visit to #NatlParkService Yellowstone Park

Mostly Sunny
Chance of Rain:10%Wind: SSE at 4 mph Humidity:34%
UV Index:10 –     Sunrise: 5:49 am      Moonset: 3:37 pm    Moonphase:Waning Crescent

Night 43°
Partly Cloudy
Chance of Rain:10%Wind: SW at 3 mph Humidity:55%

Sunny Right Now

Right Now Updated: Jul 12, 2012, 9:25am MDT
From SE 1mph WIND


We camped at Grant Village campgrounds. It rained last night and it came in like it owned the place. 100ft tall pines bowed to its powerful winds and told us of the oncoming storm. We did a round robin of “what I like about you” with the YCs. Just as the last person was set to go the approaching storm interrupted everything.

Dinner settings were quickly put away and I rinsed off the dishes and dashed into the tent. It was a chilly night.

?Tonight we’re going to stay at Bridge Bay campgrounds today and tomorrow. All campsites were full in the whole park and our stay at Grant Village was a one nighter. While we await checkin at the new campsite we’re going to see Old Faithful and tour the grounds there.

We passed the Continental Divide this morning. Any rainfall east of it flows to the Missouri River and the Atlantic Ocean, west of it goes to the Pacific Ocean. Photo Op!

Our first stop is Old Faithfull. It went off just after schedule; what about that? Faithful, indeed. Traffic as usual was not particularly BAD if you come from a big city. More like what we get in Chapel Hill at “rush hour”. But there’s always something to stop for in Yellowstone-a bear, elk, bison, prairie dog.

Leaving Old Faithful we started climbing a hill when Suepinda glanced out the window and Beezo Jeezo, isn’t that Michelle?! As soon as we could we doubled back; had to be a qtr mile or so. We couldn’t find the woman on the bike. We continued down the hill for another mile and a half and there she was, bookin’ it at about 30 mph. We stopped to chat. Imagine that!! We weren’t supposed to see her until Portland and here a chance meeting at the crossroads of Yellowstone. Backstory– Michelle left Chapel Hill one week prior to the SnR departure and was traveling alone across the US and making good time. The girls are so inspired by her audacious tenacity and her self reliance. They want to be like her and she humbly wants to be like them. I think they’re equal in their ambition. Take away the age difference and their stories are truly inspirational.

Then we saw the Brink of the Falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The falls have a zig zag path down from the top to the lookout point. I don’t know how far and long it was down but, believe me, you noticed it. Specially, on the way back up. Passed the Mud Vaults of hot boiling mud. The smell of sulphur permeated the air with always a comment from the YCs about it. After the falls we headed back to camp at Bridge Bay for the night and encountered more traffic.


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