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July 8th~SnR #acaLewisClark Tour of Discovery #NatlParkService Mt Rushmore

Day Jul 8
AM Clouds / PM Sun

84°F High, with a chance of rain at 20%. Wind is ESE at 11 mph. Humidity: 51% UV Index: 9 – Very High
Sunrise: 5:19 am Moonset: 11:01 am Moonphase: Waning Gibbous

When we left Badlands National Park in SD and hiked one final time through the trails.

Finally got into Keystone, ND; I took a right instead of a left and gave us the scenic tour of Custer State Park by going around the back way through winding, twisting turns that doubled back on themselves around trees and rock towers. It was gorgeous. But just like the early days of South Dakota everything was beautiful. I wonder what the people of SD do everyday waking to such beauty in their backyards. Is it the same to them or same ‘ole, same ‘ole. Interesting question.

We didn’t see any bison on this day but they’re out there, for sure. We did see a few antelope and a couple of mountain goats with a couple of kids in tow beside the road while visiting Mt. Rushmore.

Speaking of Mt. Rushmore the Lakota people were just recently given back the land of the Black Hills that was taken from them when the treaty was broken many years ago. They were awarded $17 million, the price as assessed back in the 1800’s. The Lakota said keep your money, just give us the land back. The issue, I’m told, is still in contention.

At Mt. Rushmore we had another fantastic guide in Ranger Bill Jacobsen. Every YC was enthralled with both his delivery and the messages he conveyed on the history. Well spoken and now a well respected Ranger. My God, we love the National Parks. The Rangers who give the tours are extremely knowledgeable, well mannered and patient with every question. I love it. We’re always reminded that, as people of color, this is our history also. Behind every effort to create America was a person of color and of many cultures. You just have to look beyond the surface. Visit a Ranger, they’ll let you know. This won’t be out of textbooks conjured by people with an agenda but facts from studied historians that love to tell it like it is.

As I recounted to Mahlique: some people that don’t take the Ranger guided tour are watching the movie while the Ranger reads you the book. There’s always more to the story in the book.
We’ve moved into an information deadzone. We are camping at Center Lake in Custer State Park in South Dakota. 73,000 acres of forest, mountains, plains and wildlife. The site is primitive so there is no electricity but there is potable water that doesn’t come from a well. The YC’s liked that. All the campsites we’ve visited so far have been outstanding.

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