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Kyvon’s Blog Post-Jul 7 1st Day in the #NatlParkService Badlands

So, today is the first day of the South Dakota Badlands. This National Park is something that I have never seen before.  I don’t think that you can find anything like this an any other place.  At first glance it looks colorless and dull, but when you actually take it in you can see animals all over the mountain like structures. We saw snakes and bison.  I’m so happy that i was given the opportunity to see all of these National Parks. The Badlands are something that not everyone in America gets to see.  We also learned that the Lakota people didn’t actually call it the “bad lands” but referred to it as sort of a “paradise”.  We got a fantastic lesson from a park ranger named Rick who actually ended up giving his beaded bracelet to Itza!
After the lesson we went to the campsite to eat. Following that we went to the amphitheater to learn about “light pollution” (street lights, homes, etc from cities) and the clear star lit skies that can be seen on beautiful nights like the one we had in the Badlands without the light pollution.  We also learned about the nocturnal animals such as certain birds and rare night feeding black footed ferrets.  The park ranger told us that research was done on that type of nocturnal bird and it was discovered that they use the constellations to navigate and fly through the night sky.


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