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July 6th~Day 12 of the SnR #acaLewisClark Tour

I awoke at 4am. It had rained all night and continued to do so until 6:30 CDT. That’s when I awoke Suepinda so we could make a dry run to the toilets.      Today’s forecast: Showers and thunderstorms likely before 1pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 75. Northeast wind 9 to 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%.

I want to take this time to pack up the tent but then we’d have to sit in the van and wait for everyone else. What fun would that be?  For now, a little more sleep.

Jul 6

We packed the wet tents and headed toward our next stop of Medora, ND to camp and visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Paha Ska – White Hills (well known as the Badlands). We learned the Lakota word for it is Mako Ce Wankankil (Mahko-Che Wha Khan Kil).

We took a ride just through town to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park was a great visit. There were some good things about this happenstance president and his conservationist ways. After the tour we learned of his early struggles with asthma, the tragedy of his wife and mother dying on the same day and how he felt rejuvenated by visiting the Badlands of ND. He loved the area so much he made it a national treasure to be preserved. From there we went to see the ND Badlands and spent the whole day there admiring the amazing and desolate sites.

We stayed the night at Sully Creek State Park in ND. It was a nice campsite at the base of a cliff. We quickly setup tents so they would dry from last night’s rain. The ground was gray and muddy. Horses were nearby and our noses pleasantly reminded us of that fact.

When the tents were complete and lunch was had we visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park and learned of his early life. In the visiting center there was the cabin that he stayed in during his visits to the Badlands. The cabin was mostly the original beams with the exception of the header. Some of the furniture was original.

We visited the ND Badlands and had our first encounter with the prairie dog colonies. We hiked along a trail that went above a river which reminded me of a picture out of the Grand Canyon. We saw prairie dogs and bison by the roadside.

Jeimy was nicknamed AJ for Adventurous Jeimy as she loved to explore.

During one of the hikes through the Badlands we found a cute and small horned toad. Picked him up, watched him then let him go.

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