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July 3rd, 2012 – Maysa Guthrie


Today we rode 42 miles, a half day since we’re going to have a ten day break from riding, finally. The ride was nice and there were many hills that were up, but mostly down. Everyone was excited for the break! I’m so glad, since we’ve been riding ever since Day 1: June 24th and haven’t had a day off.

After lunch, we packed everything back to its place in the van and trailer. My butt was sore and I was so tired that right after I got in the van, immediately I fell asleep; I had 3 long naps!

Later that noon, we arrived at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, in Mandan, North Dakota across the Missouri River from Bismarck. It’s a beautiful campsite and that night I went swimming in the lake and had a ton of fun! There were a lot of early fireworks and the view was really pretty since there was a full red moon that keeps vanishing.

One response

  1. I’m really proud of you and your sore butt…

    July 5, 2012 at 9:13 AM

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