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Ride Day #6~ Did someone say TailWind on our #acaLewisClark Tour?

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I was awakened this morning at 4:30am with a lightning storm in the far distance. It was just flashes but was really got me up was the wind. It was starting to pick up so I walked around the camp making sure things that should stay dry were put away.

I laid down for another hour before it was time to get out of “bed” and begin the day. Bob was rustling out of his tent, as well. It’s 6am. The youth cyclists are still asleep, but not for long.

At just after 7am Suepinda and I were walking back from the showers and caught a breeze coming out of the southeast. The blast furnace was just being primed. By the time we made it back to camp (a measly 250 ft) the temperature had risen from a comfortable 78* to 93*. Welcome to the oven that is the west. Luckily, the cyclists were ready to ride.

We had to climb coming out of Snake Creek Recreation Center. With what was planned as a healthy tailwind turned out to be a horrendous crosswind! We climbed for 2 miles on a 4%-5% grade with about a 20 mph crosswind. It was exhilarating! It wasn’t until we hit the 3 mile mark that we began turning west and the wind was more to our backs. The cloud cover made for a very comfortable ride.

I know for a fact that some people are working in South Dakota. We’ve ridden miles and miles of newly paved road. The emotion conjured up just by encountering the smoothness of the road cannot be expressed. It has to be felt. This wasn’t the only section of Hwy 50 being relaid. Soon we encountered the beginning of all the construction as truck after truck gave us proper distance as they passed. But there’s always an ass in a group of elbows who decides to be the mischievous of the bunch. As one of the last trucks passed he blew his very loud horn and rode within 10 ft of Suepinda and I. I can’t speak for Suepinda but my soul was shaken loose from my body for just a brief moment. When it regained control again I simply smiled. Always one in the bunch. Never let them see you sweat.

We ended the day with a camp site that I don’t remember the name of but it had too many mosquitos. These particular mosquitos didn’t come after you they attacked in swarms! They were of a most unusual color, too. They appeared white but when looking closer they were a but tan or gray. Still, they gave no quarter in their goal of having you as their meal.

Today was laundry day. We’re staying at the Drawbridge Inn. A moderately comfortable older style motel with plenty of space.

We celebrated our son, Mahlique’s, 18th birthday tonight! He’s now well on his way to the second phase of his life. We look forward to the next great things from him. Congratulations, Mahlique!

Tomorrow I get to ride a full day, again. My vacation begins… Now.


One response

  1. Jim Fink

    Kevin, ya’ll are doing fantastic, thanks for the lead to follow. May the tailwinds keep blowing you on. Regard from Chapel Hill.

    July 1, 2012 at 5:46 PM

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