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Ride day 3~ spending the day with and against the wind on youth cyclists’ @acalewisclark tour

Short blog today as I get accustomed to the schedule of riding a half day and working till the evening. 

The morning was beautiful, cool and with the wind still at our backs. The first ride was longer than expected because the town we were going to use as a break point was a small college town and we were thru it before we knew it and Ibn and Brenton were not there yet.  We continued on making our first ride a 40 miler.

Along the way we were misted by irrigation systems in one of the many corn fields and Itza played with sheep.  We rode on dirt roads and turned around on roads that were closed.  In all, the cyclists completed 84 miles without me.  It was a grueling second half of the day! 

But Lunch was good

We are now in a cozy town named Springfield, SD

When we ran out of propane during dinner preparation we were given a tank by a very nice man in town!

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