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July 15 Mahlique – last day Niagara Falls

Today was the very last day Spoke ‘n Rev would hit the saddle. I believe it was with a sad feeling for all of us that we would be leaving the next day to head back. It all seemed so surreal to me. I had just finished the Underground Railroad tour on the seat of a bike. A feat not many people can say they have done; let alone by high school students. Anyway, we made it to Niagara Falls and it was one of the most magnificent sites I have ever got to see in my short life. As a bonus I also got to see a part of Ontario!

When we saw the Falls we got to ride the boat that took you out to the base of the falls – The Maid of the Mist. To me the bike trip to get here was worth every hardship we encountered. Now I have a great story to tell my children and my grandchildren.

After the falls we got in the van and headed off back to North Carolina. For dinner we ate burgers & shakes; and let me tell you that the food was superb! After dinner we headed down the road till we found a hotel to stay in for the night. And that is how my last day of the tour went. It was one of the best feelings to know that I am one of the only teenagers to have completed the Underground Railroad route. I offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped Spoke ‘n Rev get to where we are and allowed us to complete this tour.

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