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July 15 – Kyvon – Niagara Falls, NY

Today was the last ride of the trip, and I think we were all excited. We were supposed to be riding from our hosts home in Buffalo, to Niagara Falls. While we were riding we saw that the “bike trail” we were supposed to ride on ended. Once the trail ended, we rode around in a circle for a while, until we finally got back on track. When everything was going fine, Chris and I crashed, and some of my spokes broke. Since that is something that you never want to happen, I was told that it was unsafe to ride with a wheel in that condition, so everyone had to take their bike apart and get in the van, because we all were going to ride or nobody was going to ride. We then drove to Niagara Falls and boarded the Maid of the Mist to take our long awaited tour that took us next to the Falls. After being able to see Canada on the other side, and to be able to see the Falls themselves, all of our hard work for the past month was worth it.


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  1. We enjoyed your stop in Memphis, on your 1800-mile journey of the Underground Railroad tour. Rarely do you encounter a group of young people that are so passionate, driven and committed to a cause. More articles should be written about young African-American and Latino American that are aspired by the history of United States of America. The right for freedom is something that is valued by all countries of the world. These young people were able to convey what the runaway slaves may have encounter on their journey for freedom in their cycling and blogs. There were also times along the journey when they realized there is still room for improvement for race relations. You should know inspired me and Bone to ride 4 miles today. I would have gone farther if didn’t have to use my asthma inhaler, I guess it’s a start .I want to thank you each of you; Chris, Houston, Ibn, Ife,Itza,Jeimy, Kyvon, Mahlique and Marshall, for allowing us to go on the journey through your blogs. A special thanks to Bob, Kevin and Suepinda for making this 1800-mile journey possible for these gifted teenagers. You are true heroes, other noted heroes like Fredrick Douglas, John Brown and Harriet Tubman would be proud. Bravo and accolades to Spoke N Revolutions Cyclist! You should all be proud of your accomplishments!Love,Andrea (Aunt Lene’) and Theatrice (Uncle Bone)

    July 17, 2011 at 1:13 PM

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