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SnR UGRR Tour 2011 ~ July 11 Ride Day 26

Heading to Pennsylvania

Leaving Woodside Lake Park Marshall was carrying the tools as I was driving the van today to give Suepinda a much needed break. He commented that since he was carrying the tubes and pump someone was going to get a flat. Little did he know of the power of words but he soon found out.  Before they were out of the campsite it was Marshall who “caught” the flat. After a quick change (as quick as could be) they were off again and so were we.

Our first stop was Burton, OH. We were allowed to stop at the Chamber of Commerce’s maple syrup and candy store. We were told that many cyclists make their stop there. Its a large park in the round in the middle of the city. Great view of all around and a stopping point for many people driving through.
Driving out of Burton and into the countryside we saw many people of the large Amish community living simply and doing a good job at it, too. The boys took a picture with three cute boys who were standing by the roadside watching us and the cars go by. 
The Youth Cyclists were rained on once again when a sudden storm summer loomed up on the horizon. The storm came quick and hard in these parts (well, everywhere, I guess. But its worse when you’re on a bike). They sought shelter from a friendly neighbor who allowed them to use his barn to wait out the rain.  There was another cyclist who was not so fortunate (SnR Style, again) standing by the roadside drenched. We didn’t get a picture as it would have been uncomfortable to do so and we were searching out the barn where our cyclists were staying dry. But he was an older gentlemen, fitting the demographic of most adventure cyclists of 50 plus, in years. He told us he was from Pennsylvania. Wow. We will do that someday.
The rain let up and the Youth Cyclists continued onward. At the next rest stop it was cold for some but they would be getting off the road and onto bike trails this last section straight to the campsite Safe House for the evening.
With little to do at this place but camp we required that they blog and catchup. lights went out early this evening so that we could force them to go to sleep. Some were exhausted due to the rain while others tried to fight fatigue and play games or text. We took away electronic
instruments and they all went to sleep. Just like at home with my kids. 
Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. 
 Let’s Move Outside!

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