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July 14 – Kyvon – Buffalo, NY

 July 14 kyvon

Today was supposed to be the first of two short ride days, but something happened, and the ride went from 25 miles to 41 miles. None of us know how this ride to Buffalo became so long. This was the first and only ride that we have done where we had no breaks. Everyone did extremely well on the ride, and we all made it to Buffalo safely.

When we arrived, we pulled up to Michigan Street Baptist Church that has historical meaning to the Underground Railroad. We all stopped to meet a man named Kevin Cottrell, who gave us the background of the church and a small tour around the city. When we were finished with the tour, we went to meet with David and Molly, our hosts for the night. We settled in, watched a movie and fell asleep, because we all wanted to be rested for the last day.

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