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SnR UGRR Tour 2011 ~ July 7 Ride Day 22

Hilliard,  to Kokoosing Campgrounds in Fredericktown, OH
This is where it starts to get easy. Well, at least for a while. We were leaving the Hilliard YMCA. It was Rich’s first day and you know what he does?  He starts maintenance on the bikes!  Good thing, too, because I had just about exhausted my bicycle mechanic skills. The quick inspection and work only delayed us 30-40 mins. One of the YMCA staff members made a generous impromptu donation. Not too much of a late start but people were getting antsy to get going. During the bike repair and excitement we forgot to eat breakfast. Ohh, what a rough start today was.

Hilliard YMCA Staff
A few miles down the road we found a nice little corner sandwich shop where we used the space to have our own little breakfast. The owners didn’t seem to mind. The time was around 11:30. Soon I’ll be stopping to begin work.
Later in the day we passed the Columbus Zoo. A great place to visit but we cruised on by. Darn!

Outside Hilliard YMCA

Great town, great people

Just like John Wayne, he was here. We reached the Kokoosing Campground well before nightfall. The days up north are much longer. It doesn’t get dark until around the 9pm hr. While walking to the showers a Vietnam Veteran remarked to Rich (thinking that he was a “brother” in arms) that “one grenade would take out the lot of them” when referring to our boys as they were gleefully and rambunctiously gathering wood for the fire.  Rich was dumbfounded and could only respond “there with me!” The guy never said another word. 

Fun is a LARGE word
Despite the ignorance and stupidity of others (my opine) we all slept well but there was something worth remarking about. Just before dawn as I made my way to the restroom there was a flurry of insects that gathered around the lights. When I walked out I was amazed that they almost comprised a curtain like mist thick with flying bugs.  I went back to get the camera but when I returned there was a considerably less impressive amount but I took the picture nonetheless. 

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks
Let’s Move Outside!

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