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July 12 – Houston – Sara’s Campground

Today we are camping out in an area on the shores of Lake Eerie in Pennsylvania. It is a very beautiful location, there is a beach, themepark, and bike trail all within the area so there is a lot we can do. We rode bikes on the bike trail as a group which was very fun and all the guys and Mr.Brogden decided to draft a large group of cyclists who passed us and we made a pace line; that was a very exciting moment.

We ate at a 1950’s themed diner that was conveniently located across from the campsite we are staying at, the food was very good. We will be sleeping on the beach tonight in a tent which is something that I have never done before. I really lke this camp site.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. 
 Let’s Move Outside!

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