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Today I woke up and ate duck eggs for the first time. – Mahlique 6/14

Mahlique – June 14
Today I woke up and ate duck eggs for the first time with our new Quaker Friends in Blountsville, AL. We left our first family “conductors” for the trip and headed for Birmingham to the 16th Street Baptist Church. This is where in 1963 the KKK bombed the church and killed four young girls. I flet sad being there and seeing pictures of them, they were my peers. We met some really nice people there and they told us that Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders met here often.  Lunch was provided for us by Mr. Daulphin (a friend of Ms. Lewis/Marshall’s mom).  On to Montgomery.  In Montgomery we didn’t have much time and we moved very quickly from site to site.  We did spend a little more time at the Civil Rights Memorial reading all the names of all the people who died for the movement. We each read one out loud.

Soon after that we traveled to Mobile to get to the Chandler YMCA, our next conductor/safe house. This is where we stayed for the 2nd night. At the YMCA the boys played basketball while the girls watched. We played for a long time. Tomorrow we will wake up and start our first ride. I hope everything goes good. We are all excited and ready to ride.  I also hope everyone is in a good mood. I don’t want this ride to be emotional and filled with drama. I want everyone to have a good time and enjoy their ride.

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