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Monday June 13 – Itza

Monday June 13 – Itza Salazar

The day has finally arrived we are headed to Alabama!!!!!!!!

 Today was full of love and care and excitement. We started our journey at 7:45ish a couple of hours after our original plan which was 3am; however this minor set back has not effected the 1st day plans. Nancy and Mr. Seigling came to see us off. It was a really kind and sweet gesture. She treated the adults to coffee and Mr. Seigling free-styled for us. This was the best way to say good-bye to Chapel Hill till July 15.

We had a long ride in our packed van but we made it to South Carolina at 10:08 and Georgia at 12:53. At 2:15 we finished meeting with the National Park Services in Atlanta where we met Ms. Nancy and Mrs. Priscilla Nalls who were really nice and enthusiastic to see us. We were all excited and thankful for all the help and support they have showed us. I was even surprised that they new everyone’s name! It was a pretty cool detail.

At 3:01 eastern time we entered Alabama and Mr. Brogden quizzed me about how the time zone was invented. This is what happens when you are sitting right next to him. We stayed the night with Quaker friends, Sarah and Daryl who gave us a tour of their environmentally friendly home and provided us with dinner and a place to rest for the night (our first Safe House). We also had the opportunity to swim in a lake. Which I jumped in! It was great to see the catalytic effect on the other cyclists. Mostly everyone jumped in and it was super fun! I Just want to say that day one is over and we have encountered many supportive people and it is just wonderful having all this support!

– Itza

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks.

Let’s Move Outside!

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