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Mahlique, July 3, Cincinnati, OH

July 3
Today it felt like we rode about 2000  miles through the hot blazing sun and then we took a dramatic stop for the day. We got like 9 flat tires and busted two of Itza’s wheels.  It was hard as we had to walk along the side of the road until my mom came and picked us up.  We were all a little grumpy and hungry.  Once we got picked up we ate at Burger King.  They had chicken sandwiches for $1 and we all ate like 2 each.  We were in Germantown.  It was starting to rain and we decided to drive to our hotel near Cincinnati.

The Embassy Suite was one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed at. We didn’t even meet the people who got the room for us, we just know they are friends of Ms. Andrews from Estes Elementary in Chapel Hill.  We have been sleeping outside alot and this was a welcome change.  There were many great mural paintings on the outside wall of the hotel.  We walked over the bridge into Cincinnati and ate dinner at Rock Bottom. Then we stayed out and watched a spectacular firework show downtown. It blew my mind away because they were letting off fireworks downtown and they were bouncing off the buildings. We walked back to the hotel and played for a little bit. It was a great relaxing evening and we hung out without the adults.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. Let’s Move Outside!


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