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Kyvon July 3-4 Cincinnati, OH

July 3 Kyvon Embassy Suites in Covington, KY

Today we drove into Covington, KY after a long day cycling from Maysville, KY. It started to rain so we packed it in at a Burger King after lunch. Some very nice people, who none of us know, got us 3 rooms at the Embassy Suites hotel right by the river. We were told they are friends of Ms. Andrews from Estes Hills in Chapel Hill. Across the river you can see the UGRR Freedom Center, which we plan on visiting. This is the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in and the first one of the trip. Once we checked in Sue and Kevin gave us each some money so that we could all go out and eat without chaperones.

We went across the bridge to see what is in Cincinnati. When we got into Cincinnati, we all went to eat at a restaurant called Rock Bottom. We all had something different and it was good food. When we were done eating, we went outside and watched the fireworks at ten o clock. Our curfew was 11:30 and we all made it back to our rooms on time.

July 4 Kyvon Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH

We tried to leave the hotel early but Kevin couldn’t find his phone or the 4G network. We looked for about 45 minutes and finally found it in the van. As we started towards Kings Island it started to rain, but it started to clear up and as we pulled into the parking lot it had stopped raining. It was cool because not too many people were there. Our first ride was the Beast. Ms. Sue said she use to ride this ride when she was a kid. We all stuck together and rode all the best rides. Everyone laughed a lot, even Mr. Brogden, Houston was the funniest. Our throats hurt from screaming so much. We had a buffet at the park. Kevin couldn’t join us because he had to work so he went ahead to the next person’s house that we were going to be staying at for the night. He picked us up at about 8pm. Then we headed to Jim and Susan Vogt’s home in Covington, Ky. They were very nice, they let us sleep downstairs in the basement and the girls slept upstairs with the adults. We didn’t stay up too late because we were tired from the amusement park. Today was a great day!


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