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Kyvon July 1-3, Maysville, Ky

Kyvon July 1 Burlington, KY

After riding our bikes to Dry Ridge, Ky we drove to the Burlington YMCA, in Kentucky. Once we arrived there, we were all told that if we didn’t finish our blogs, we weren’t going to Kings Island on the 4th. We had two really huge pizzas, that were good and they were called the beast.

When we finished eating, Marshall started to talk to us about his theory on parental standings. We all understood Marshall a bit more after this.  It was pretty brave of him to open up and share.  He started to have more of a heart to heart with Suepinda so the rest of the guys and I left the
room to go swim and play basketball. After we came back to the room,
Marshall was still talking, we all ate some more, and fell asleep.

On the 2nd we arrived in Maysville, where everyone else except for Chris, Houston, Marshall, and I went to a man’s house, which was very historical.  Earlier in the evening the four of us decided to go into town and eat at a burger place instead of stay with the group and mingle with the local people at the campground.  While we were gone this man, Jerry Gore, came looking for the group and invited SNR to his home.  We missed out, it sounded like a great opportunity.  We were all a little mad, but Ms. Sue has said several times, sometimes you have to stick around and get to know the local people because good things will happen.  Lesson learned.

The next morning, after camping out, we received a free breakfast from the owner of the Maysville camp ground, Donnie.  He seemed really proud of us and wished us well.  We then rode across the Ohio river by bridge into Ohio. We rode into Ripley (home of John Parker and John Rankin, two very important abolitionists in the Underground Railroad movement). We didn’t take the right road and completely missed both their homes.  We were on new 68 instead of old 68 and as a result we rode into a construction site, where we got 9 different flat tires.  Kevin, Chris, Houston, Mahlique, and I walked on the side of the road until Suepinda came and picked us up.  Mr. Brogden, Marshall, Itza, and Ibn made it to Germantown ahead of us to get Ms. Sue.  It started to rain so we drove to Covington, Ky.

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