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July 1 kyvon

July 1 kyvon
We rode to the Burlington YMCA, in Kentucky. Once we arrived there, we were all told that if we didn’t finish our blogs, we weren’t going to King’s Island on the 4th. Of course, we finished. When we did finish, Marshall started to talk to the adults about his theory on parental standings. The rest of the guys and I left the room to go swim and play basketball, but after we came back to the room,  Marshall was still talking, but the pizza that we were waiting for had just came, so we all ate, and fell asleep.

Then on the 2nd we arrive in Maysville, KY where everyone else except for Chris, Houston, Marshall, and I went to a man’s house (Jerry Gore), which was very historical. The next morning, after camping out, we received a free breakfast (from the park owner, Donnie), and then rode across the bridge into Ohio. The next stop was to ride into Ripley,OH. This was the site of the historic Rankin house. Rev. John Rankin was very instrumental in protecting those escaping slavery; but we didn’t take the right road and due to the time of day it was (12N) we decided to continue on.  A little further down the road we rode through a construction site, where we got 9 different flat tires, and Kevin, Chris, Houston, Mahlique, and I walked on the side of the road until Suepinda came and picked us up.


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