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July 9 – Mahlique- Oberlin, OH on the 9th

July 9

Today when we woke up and Dr. Cousins took us out to breakfast. It was really good and plentiful.  I ate two pancakes and omelets. It was the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time. Prior to that we awoke to bagels and granola bars.  I’m not knocking that just noting that this was a delicious alternative.

Afterward we got a tour of the town of Oberlin. It is a really nice town with a rich history of abolitionism and the Underground Railroad. It is also a very small town. We learned about Mr. John Mercer Langston he was a very wealth man and a lawyer. Something unheard of in his day and time for the son of a former slave. He helped many people when it came to the law of equality.

We also took a tour of the cemetery. At the cemetery we saw many families that had died from years back, like the Mid 1800’s. After the tour we ate lunch back at the home. One of Dr. Cousin’s friends made us pasta and salad. The food was excellent and well cooked. After the lunch we all chilled in the backyard and played fun little games with Julia who was also our youth guide for the day. When we were done playing we put our bikes together and started to blog.

Today was a good history lesson about Oberlin I don’t think I ever would of learned about the rich history if I had never went there. Overall today was a good day.

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