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SnR UGRR Tour 2011 ~ July 8 Ride Day 23

Fredericktown, OH to Oberlin, OH
Road Construction and Detours ~ Jeimy Finishes Class and Final Exam!
Bob and I left the campsite at 6:57am. The Youth Cyclists weren’t ready yet so we were headed into town to get a cup of coffee.  Bob said it was just up the road and across the highway easy enough for Rich and the Youth Cyclists to find their way. My mental clock was tuned to 7am so leaving 3mins early messed me up. I turned back once we crested the hill outside the campgrounds because I had left my phone on the power post, my hydration pack on the ground and unbeknownst to me, the van keys in my jersey back pocket. I’m glad I turned back!

When we all got to moving toward town I realized that 2 miles to Bob must be country miles. It was a distance just a bit more than 2 miles but enough to make you doubt where you’re going. Then there was the question of left or right at the “T” intersection.  I figured it out but I would have been mud if I had gone with him.

Soon after our arrival and before Suepinda could get a sip of her first cup of coffee it began to rain at 7:30. We sat/stood/laughed and took photos at that gas station for 3 hrs!. A local reporters husband interviewed us for their weekly paper. They were quite impressed with our endeavor. Their paper is not online so when I get a copy I will scan it and post.

After 10 miles of cycling we stopped for lunch. Ibn provided the fixin’s (PB&J Supreme).  During the stop we met two small children with a very interesting bicycle.
Even though I rode early in the day but had to stop to begin work at 2pm. The delay really put a damper on the day’s ride for me. The morning ride was a nice and easy one but you could tell that it was going to get hot and muggy due to the rain if you weren’t moving.

Eventually we had to come to a decision on how to complete the day’s ride. Dr. Cousins had laid out some very interesting plans for us that began around the 4pm hour. If we were to ride into Oberlin we wouldn’t make it until 7pm. The executive decision was made after our 2nd construction detour that showed NO visible means (signage) around it to pack the bikes and get in the van. Soon we were on the road to Oberlin, OH to meet Dr. Olivia Cousins. She gave us the unique and wonderful opportunity to stay in the John Mercer Langston home.  John Mercer Langston, among a great many other things, also happens to be Langston Hughes great uncle.

We ate at a restaurant associated with the protection of immigrant rights

and attended the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival 2011 Season opening night’s production of A Raisin in the Sun, and met lead actress, Debra Rose.

That was a great close to a day that started with delay.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. 
Let’s Move Outside!

2 responses

  1. So proud to know you and follow this ground-breaking, life-changing, spirit-lifting journey. Cannot wait to see these kids and their fearless resourceful and energetic leaders, and hear stories and learn more and CELEBRATE!!!!

    July 14, 2011 at 10:37 AM

  2. Yipppeeee!!!! You did it, you've done it, what a fantastic thing in this world. Please post info anywhere and everywhere regarding your return to Chapel Hill world. Eager to greet you….Tweet it, Facebook it, shout it out the windows of the party-van as you roll down the highways of life, on four wheels!!!!

    July 15, 2011 at 9:13 AM

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