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Today I woke up ready to ride ~ Mahlique June 30

Today I woke up ready to ride 80 miles and boy was it hard. The start from the YMCA was not that bad but the hills were killer. We rode up and down a great many hills and there were also parts where it leveled off and was flat. As we all now know, the “straight aways”, are the most boring parts of the ride.

After our many breaks we finally made it to our final destination for the evening, the Safe House of a campsite named “Cliffty Falls”. To our surprise when we arrived we were greeted by a mountain of a hill that we had to go up. This hill was, like, 100 miles long. No, I’m just kidding, but it was very far and I did feel like I was going to die, seriously. But, like all of the SnR Cyclists, I made to the top (which was one major accomplishment) and to the camp site (which was another mile away, well at least it seemed that way). This is where we stayed for the night; out underneath the stars. We camped out and made hot dogs over the fire and enjoyed the company of my family and friends.

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