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During the night it rained ~ Mahlique

During the night it rained on me and my other teammates. Due to the rain we were able to sleep in, which was a big relief, because we hung out all night with a family up the way from our camp.  Conversation was good and they wanted to feed us everything they had. I think for the first time we weren’t over eating and our appetites were sated. Apart from the strange incident with the little girl at the lake beach all of the people we’ve met have been extremely generous and ensured we had all that we needed on this journey. I am very appreciative of that as I could not imagine having to do this tour under hardship. It is really astounding to know that people made this journey, not only by foot most of the time but, with very little accommodations. Our “Safe Houses” have been either warm or air conditioned. In the past they were either hot or hotter, cold or colder. And damp, dirty and smelly. Nothing like what we’re experiencing. And I might add, we’re not being chased.

We we finally started riding we were well into our ride when Houstons tire popped. We spent a very long time trying to fix it but it did not work. We then called the SAG van to pick us up. It would be a horrible situation if we didn’t have our support vehicle. If we’re to do an unsupported tour we really will have to train and prepare for it. Our “Safe House” for the evening was, thank God, another YMCA. Unfortunately, we all had to finish our blogs, which are grossly behind. If we did not we could not do any activities.

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