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July 6th – July 9th – Jeimy – Hilliaard YMCA

Hilliard, OH to Oberlin, OH

Today we rode about 60 miles to another YMCA. It was a long ride but afterwards the boys still had enough energy to play basketball, so we played a few games. After being at the YMCA for a few hours Rich (Giorgi) came. It was nice to see him. Rich is da man! He brought us “I love NY”  T-shirts and power bars. I thought that was really nice  of him to do. Later that night we ate subway for dinner. The next morning we woke up and did a few bike repairs. After the repairs were complete we got on the road to go to a campsite. 

 This was Rich’s first ride with us. He did pretty good and kept a good pace. When we got to the campsite there wasn’t much to do so we all just took it easy and relaxed for the night. The next morning we woke up early as usual and began to ride.  During the ride we got caught in a huge rain storm. We waited until the rain passed before we left to ride again. After going down the road, which was a bit wet, we got caught in another rain storm, but it was quick so we kept riding. We finally made it to our destination  in Oberlin Ohio. We ate Mexican food and went to watch a theatrical performance of raisin in the sun. It was a great performance and we met one of the lead actress. We talked to her and took pictures.


Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. 
 Let’s Move Outside!

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