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Kyvon’s Blog – June 27 Our ride to Owensboro, KY


Today we went to Owensboro, KY. Before we actually got into the town, about twenty miles out, we meet some fellow cyclists that escorted us into Owensboro. One of the cyclists was just as fast as Mr. Brogden (he was on a recumbent), when we stopped so that we could make a turn onto another street, he told us that he was going 26 miles per hour. Then when we were almost a mile from the City Hall that we were supposed to go to, it started to pour down raining, we all got soaking wet, except for Mr. Brogden, who stopped at a gas station to stay out of the rain (smart man).

When we arrive at the City Hall, we went up stairs to meet the Mayor Pro Tem, Mrs. Pamela L. Smith-Wright, she was nice enough to give us a Subway lunch, and tell about the upcoming and present construction that they had going on in their downtown area. Afterward, we rode our bikes to the city’s local YMCA so that we could take a tour of the city using one of their local transit buses. While taking the tour, the bus driver told us about all the famous people from Owensboro, and how Ragu pasta sauce is made there, as well.

When the tour was done, we actually went to the Mayor Pro Tem’s house to eat dinner!  She made us fried chicken, green beans, rice, apple pies, and more. While eating, we happened to be watching the news, and saw that we were on t.v. The interview that happen early that day, while we were at city hall, was on the 6 o’clock news.

We had accommodations at the Kentucky Wesleyan College.   There we were given dorms for us to use for the night.  After handling our responsibilities in our rooms we all started to play billiards. A little while later Suepinda came in and played with Mahlique, against Ibn and Itza. That was a long game and a long talk about all the places we’ve been so far. By the way, Suepinda and Mahlique won.

Today was a long, hard day but it was fun because we made the best of it.

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