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July 2, 2011 – Jeimy – Maysville, KY

Today was another great day! We ended up in Maysville, KY were we got a chance to tour an amazing house museum. Tonight was a day I can literally say “a night I will never forget”.  When we got to the campsite we had previously decorated our van or should I say “swagger wagon” with paint you can write on windows with. So basically, we arrived at camp and as we were getting some dinner a really nice and interesting man approached us. He was the one and only grandpa Jerry. He owns the house museum were we got a chance to tour see all the artifacts that he has collected about the Underground Railroad and the enslavement period.

We were lucky that night because someone told him they saw our van drive through town and the only way they could identify us was because of the writhing on the windows. So he invited us to get a tour of his house were we saw a little more than 200 artifacts left behind from slavery like a pair of slave shoes, whips, chains and a big collection of pictures. We got a chance to see the basement of the house were there was a slave jail and a small room were about 1,000 people were put into.

When we first walked into the jail cell there were no words to describe the feeling and emotion we got from it. It was very dark and I couldn’t imagine how cold it could get in the winter. On the walls there was still blood stained on it. When I saw that it was still there it was a quick reminder how the past is still with us and we should learn from it so it doesn’t happen again. Overall touring the house made me think of what hundreds of people went through and how hard they had to fight to get to freedom. This made this trip a whole lot better and can’t wait until we finally reach out finally destination.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. 
 Let’s Move Outside!

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