Changing Lives and Bringing History to Life, One Revolution at a Time!

June 29 – Marshall – Corydon, IN

Today was Mahlique’s 17th birthday, which was only five days after Houston’s, but to me it felt like our night at that Kentucky campground was months ago. Now we are in Indiana, the birthplace of both Suepinda and Mahlique; and as a special treat their family and Suepindas other three children drove down to Corydon to greet us. And as an additional treat “Yai” (Mahlique’s grandmother) brought homemade Thai food. And this food was delicious. My mom is in love with Thai food, so I’m no stranger to pad thai and yellow curry, but these homemade dishes were the best I’ve ever had in my life. And probably the first time I ate “real” Thai food and not an American spin off. Needless to say I consumed five full plates, and by full I mean the food was about to fall off the plate. The food was great but the best part of the day was the look on mahlique’s, Suependa’s, and Kevin’s faces as they were reunited with their family. Getting up and biking everyday is difficult both mentally and physically. Having a strong family to support you is that one factor that makes you keep going.


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