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Ife’s Final Blog ~ as she leaves for school

For the past two weeks SNR has been to some exciting places and done some exciting things. We went to Memphis and spent the night at Kevin’s sister’s house which was the first home environment that we spent time in. It was relaxing and I felt as if I was at home. We stayed in a really cool Hostile the next night, and visited the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Hotel. Saw Stax Records, went to several Civil war sites, stayed at different camp sites and YMCA’s, met a few mayors, slept in a  hot stinky van when a strong storm came, ate dinner and kicked back at the Mayor Pro-Tem of Owensboro’s house (Which is pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself), celebrated Houston and Mahlique’s birthday’s, been in a few newspapers, watched a sunset go down together, bonded with each other, and met some amazing people. 

While we’ve had our rough patches, and when I say rough I mean ROUGH, such as arguments between the guys or pissing off Suepinda or Mr.B (the guys), or one person annoying the crap out of another, wipe-outs while riding, hard headed people not taking care of their business and then being locked out of the van with nothing to sleep with or in. It goes on… 

However, I can honestly say that all of our rough moments have been outweighed by all the great moments. We’ve experienced so much and done so much together that we’ve become a family. Sadly I’m leaving this family tomorrow, to prepare for college. And as the sun was setting yesterday each of my teammates wanted me to give them an evaluation/ summary of my opinions and what I’ve learned about them. And I realized that while learning so much about them, I’ve also learned a lot from them. (In sort of of an odd way I guess). I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to go on this trip. Kevin, Suepinda, and Mr. B are doing a fabulous job with everything. I’m going to miss the car conversations that Suepinda and I have, and  the convo’s Kevin and I had while cycling. I know this isn’t the last time that I’ll see them but I am a little emotional. Thank you, Suepinda and Kevin for everything you have done for me and for making this trip possible!


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  1. Ife!! I hate to see you go! Thank you for your wonderful insights along this journey, and all your valuable contributions helping Suepinda keep the logistics and operations of this journey together. You are a wonderful and talented young woman and I wish you all the best! Holly

    July 2, 2011 at 11:13 PM

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