Changing Lives and Bringing History to Life, One Revolution at a Time!

Kyvon – June 18 – Gainesville, AL

After a long ride to gainesville, we arrived to massive cheering and music. Everyone came up to us and asked our name. When we came into the new building, we were given water and they started their program. They started with a christian musical selection, then we were given a greeting my the mayor, the volunteer fire chief, and a couple more. Then the group called NAPS sung for us again.

Afterwards, they played out a dramatization of an African man being taken away from his mother, and being sent to America to become a slave, but then he decided to escape, and when he finally did, he was able to have a normal life. Then a really nice woman took us on a tour across town in a horse drawn carriage. She gave us background history on the homes in the town that were recently remodeled to look the same as how it did when it was built.

During the whole tour, a goat named Billy was following one of the horses, and stayed with it. When we came back to the building, we all got to eat, and while we were eating, the group of NAPS came over and asked us a lot of questions about SnR, and after we answered their questions, they gave us some information on their group.

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