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June 27 Morganfield to Owensboro ~ Ride Day 12

SnR UGRR Tour 2011 June 27 ~ Ride Day 12

Started on time 6am. Waited out oncoming rain for about 40 minutes. Clouds looked ominous but only let out a light rainfall.

It’s 68* with beautiful pastoral scenery and cornfields over acres of land.

As usual, my two compatriots, Itza and Jeimy, rode with the old man (technically, Bob is older than I am but he can definitely DO this). The ride was pretty much uneventful up to the 20 miles to Henderson, KY.

The one remarkable thing about Henderson is that it was the FIRST town that had a bike path. That made us feel welcome in that town for about 5 minutes.  The bike path ended in just over a mile.

Our next stop was a country store to meet up with Donny and Danny. Two retired men who are avid cyclists. But before we could get to them we had to wind our way through various turns, checking the map every turn of the way as some of the streets were unsigned highways.  Boy, was that confusing. We stopped a man from mowing his lawn for directions. When looking at the map he didn’t know where to go but when we explained the landmarks we were given he knew exactly where to go. You see, when you live there you don’t need a map.

We found Donny and Danny, our two Bicycle Owensboro escorts, and headed toward Owensboro on their normal cycling route, a quiet road with very few cars, a couple of dogs who were very familiar with and wary of the two, and corn.  After a while we began to see rain approaching so we picked up speed and continued on to the city. 2 miles from our destination of City Hall we were caught by the rain and were drenched.

Upon our dripping arrival into City Hall of we were greeted by the Mayor Pro-Tem Pamela Smith-Wright and several cameras from the local media. After the interview, which appeared on the 6pm and 10pm news, we were treated to lunch and given what has become our new collective piece: commemorative pins! This time we were also given a buffalo key chain.  Buffalo were prevalent in Owensboro way back in the day.

I began my first day back to work at 2pm while the Youth Cyclists ate lunch and toured the city. The tour was provided by Bicycle Owensboro, a great local bicycle community that advocates for cyclists in the Owensboro area.

Later that afternoon we were provide a grand dinner prepared by the Mayor Pro-Tem, herself (she’s also a caterer). The meal was fabulous southern fare of fried chicken, potato salad, green beans, okra and butter beans & rice.  Everyone had a great time visiting.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. 
Let’s Move Outside!

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