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Ife’s Post June 18th

On Saturday June 18th the team set out for the Epes. There we met the wonderful Ms. Brown who provided us with water and bathrooms… Funny story, about a month ago Suepinda tried to make contact with the mayor of the Gainsville Alabama, which was the next town we were supposed to stop in. She was the first black female mayor of this town so Sue really wanted us to meet her. However Gainsville never responded to us so we planned to eat some lunch and pass on through. But as soon as Suepinda and I stopped in Gainsville to make Peanut Butter sandwiches for the team, a man in a pick up truck guided us to the town hall where, to our surprise, we were greeted by the mayor of Gainsville, the mayor of Epes, the police chief, the fire chief, many people of the town, and a college group called NAPS.

There was food, a band playing music, and a Schedule full of other activities that they planned for us. It was AMAZING. We were so shocked and overcome by joy. I had a great time speaking to the NAPS group about my next steps in college and their experiences with traveling all over the world. I was smiling so much, my face was hurting by the end of the day. And later that night Pastor Charley Wilson treated us to a delicious dinner! (I had been craving some fried fish and hot sauce).
On Sunday we went swimming in Starksville at Shea’s house. Andrea and her family, our hosts for the night, met us there with a delicious scrumptious flavorful vegetarian dinner. It. Was. WONDERFUL. Later that night we went to Andrea’s farm and milked goats, rode horses and camped out on their land.

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