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Houston’s Blog #3

 So the trip has been going pretty well so far. A couple days ago a small town called Gainesville in Alabama threw us a celebration which was very nice. We were provided with food, entertainment from a college group called “NAPS”, and stories from many of the local towns people. We met the first female mayor of Gainesville which was very cool, as well as the female mayor, of a small town nearby called Pickensville. There we learned a lot about the history of the town. I found it to be very interesting. Many people provided us with places to stay such as our friend Shea.  She provided us with a pool and food. Then we slept on a farm owned by our friend Andrea. There we got to milk goats and some of us were able to ride on horses. It was a great experience. 

We camped out last night also and it rained, our tent was drenched and I couldn’t find my sleeping pad, luckily my buddy’s helped me out and gave me things to sleep on. Biking has gotten easier over time. I have found Mississippi to be quite flat which is a relief from the hills in Alabama.

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