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Houston’s Blog #2

today, I  started the day by biking 40 miles. i felt that the first twenty miles were very easy, however the twenty miles following that were grueling. I’ve noticed that i have a tendency to lose all my energy when the sun is beating down on me. The humidity didn’t help either, as I went further I grew ever more mentally and physically fatigued. I defiantly hate the heat. Hopefully it will cool down as we get farther north. Other than those last twenty miles the day has been pretty good. 

We are now on our way to Selma, Alabama to go to the YMCA, there we will be free to use the facilities and treat ourselves to some delicious southern Barbecue. Hopefully after that I will get a good night sleep, every night so far I have been FREEZING COLD. Somehow, the temperature of everywhere we stay is like, sixty degrees, that’s ridiculous. At one point there was condensation on our windows and fog in the house. Tonight I’m going to get an extra thick blanket.

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