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Monday June 27- Itza

Today we took off from the YMCA in Morganfield, KY where Mrs. Christy let us stay the night, even though Sunday’s the night they are closed we were allowed stayed there, which was really cool cause we got to sleep on tumbling mats which were extra comfy. Any who, we woke up this morning at 5ish and tried to head off by 6-ish but we didn’t actually start riding till like 7-ish cause there were some really dark, scary looking cloud lines heading toward us so we decided to wait it out. And the result of the clouds was totally anticlimactic because it only sprinkled for like 15-ish minutes. While we where waiting for the clouds to pass we sought shelter at this gas station with a big cover thing. While we where there this man, paying for gas, told us that the town was known for coal mining. We took off once the rain passed.

We were all kinda excited because we found out that todays ride was mostly flat and we like flat. Soon after we took a turn on P…. street we met two bikers named Dan and Danny. They had super awesome bikes and were really cool to talk to. Talking to them I found out that the best basketball team is The University of Kentucky (try saying that in NC). They escorted us to the Town Hall of Owensboro and that was awesome!!!

 The ride there was really chill but super windy. The road was mostly flat and I could see plots and plots of corn fields. The view was just peaceful and relaxing. As we where starting to cross some bridge the nasty clouds that we where trying to beat had caught up with us. And it started to pour. The water was cold but the scene looked like a movie shot where a random rain storm started. This part of the ride was just really cool. We didn’t stop to look for shelter like Mr. Brogden, instead we road through the pouring rain with Don. The interesting thing was that the roads started to fill with water and it was super awesome just riding through it. We had to stop a couple of times and when I placed my foot on the floor my shoe was submerged in water. Well, it didn’t take that long till we reached the Town Hall because we where really close. Once we arrived at the town hall we were all pumped and full of energy but soaked. Mayor Pro-Tem, Mrs. Pamela Smith-Wright, welcomed and greeted us with open arms. There was also a camera crew that interviewed Kevin.

We ate lunch provided by the town and then later we went for a tour of the city in this really snazzy looking van. On the tour we saw the Blue Grass museum and saw the location of this park that is being built and will hopefully be completed by 2013. The idea of the park is incredible and seems like it will bring life and provided entertainment to the people of Owensboro. I also found out that the Ragu, the pasta sauce, is created in Owensboro. That was really cool! The tour was really informative.

After the tour we went to the campus dorms of Kentucky Wesleyan College where we are staying (our Safe House for the night). With dorms assigned and settled in we headed to Ms. Pam’s house because she was cooking us dinner. The dinner was Delicious!!!!!! Here we where able to enjoy the feeling of being in a home and eating a wonderful dinner. We were also able to see a news report on 14news on TV about Spoke ‘n Revolutions… it was super AWESOME!!! after enjoying a wonderful meal and the company of these wonderful people we headed back to the dorm rooms where we played pool and watched some wrestling, baseball and Superbad the movie on the TV set. This has been a great day full of surprises and thrills.
⁃ Itza

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks.

 Let’s Move Outside!


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