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Jeimy – June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Today we started our day with a sky full of dark clouds greeting us in the morning. We waited a while before actually starting and had a great ride because the weather wasn’t too hot. Overall our ride to Owensboro was really relaxed because we mostly had flat land and not that many hills.

On this ride we got a chance to  cross the Ohio river and it was really big.  I can now imagine why slaves would wait until  the winter to cross the river because it would be really hard to swim through it and not be taken by the current. Once we were nearing our destination we met up with 2 cyclists who rode the final 20 miles to Owensboro. When we finally made it we headed to the city hall were we met the Governor Pro Tem, Mrs. Pamela Smith-Wright, and had lunch with her.

Later on we got a quick tour of the city and found out that Owensboro is the home where Ragu pasta sauce is made; betcha didn’t know that!. Personally this fact made my day because I love Ragu pasta sauce.

Another highlight in my day was when we found out that Governor Pro Tem, Pamela Smith-Wright, invited us to her home for home made fried chicken. We all had a great time at dinner and would like to thank the city for an amazing welcome.



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