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Jeimy – June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

Ok so today was Houston’s birthday and we started our day at a camp site in Tennessee. We started off our day and it was really chilly. It wasn’t hot outside and the sun was covered by big dark clouds.

In our first 10 miles we saw a skunk and luckily it was pretty far away if it thought of spraying us. On our ride the weather decided to give us lots of rain, lightening, and thunder. We stayed at a rest area for about 3 hours waiting for the rain to pass and for the roads to dry up.

After we started cycling again, about 2 miles ahead we made another stop in front of the Kentucky sign welcoming us to our next stop on our trip. A little more into our trip the sun finally decided to come out and warm up our day.
On our second part of our ride we were riding up a big hill and like usually there were tire pieces lying along the side of the road. We got half way up when we thought we saw another tire piece but ended up being a curled up big black snake. I was pretty close to running it over and luckily didn’t get to find out what would happen if I did. Afterwards we got to camp set up and had a pizza dinner and had ice cream to celebrate Houston’s birthday.
 Overall I would say this day finished off pretty good.



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