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Friday June 24 ~ Ride Day 8

UGRR Blog June 24 
Cuba Landing to Waverly, TN to Dover, TN
Departing from Cuba Landing the weather was cooler than most other days and foggy. With precautions from Jeff (true resident expert) we were to remain extremely cautious due to the small roads and people towing boats. This was wise consultation but with our early departure we experienced very little traffic.  We didn’t start to see a large number of cars until after 8am.
Our first stop toward Waverly was the Bakerville Church of Christ. The quick pit stop was to see how well I was doing in order to complete the ride. At the start of the ride Chris was not ready so he had to stay in the van.  At this pit stop Chris was attempting to get on a bike but this was not ready so he was left again. He will join us at the next stop. Tough love. We’ve tried the talking part.  hehe
In Waverly we met with Teresa, a reporter for a local newspaper the Humphrey’s Democrat. We made contact very early in the process and she was awaiting our arrival. After the interview and pictures we started back on  our ride.
We passed other cyclists who were using Adventure Cycling’s maps. They were doing the 14 day Great Rivers South Tour heading south following the Natchez Trace down to the Mississippi River. 
Suepinda met Wendy and her son, Chase, who was very generous with her driveway for our trailer and food snacks for the cyclists.  This was our lunch stop for the day.  It was shady and cool.  Wendy and Chase made a goody box for us that consisted of peanut butter, tuna, canned ham, vienna sausages, and animal crackers.  Love meeting great people.  
Onto Dover and Fort Donelson National Park. We arrived ahead of schedule and Susan Hawkins with The National Park Service had made arrangements for us to stay at Pineview Campgrounds operated by U.S. Forestry Service under the Department of Agriculture. We cycled in, dropped off the trailer and headed to see Susan at Fort Donelson.  We viewed a quick but amazing film on the history of the area that included the strong friendship between US Grant and General Buckner (Confederate soldier).  The taking of Fort Donelson and Fort Henry by Grant was a major turning point for the Civil War. It opened up a major area for the Union troops to get into the South. Jim with NPS gave us a tour of Fort Donelson (Fort Henry is now underwater). As we were leaving a Bald Eagle flew above our heads and perched in the tree above looking down on us. The teens were excited as nearly all of them had not seen one out of captivity. How poetic!   
Campfire for roasting hotdogs and making s’mores. The boys headed off to the beach for a swim and we went to bed.
One final note to make. While Kyvon and the boys were swimming down by the lake a little 7 yr old girl referred to Kyvon as a “nigger”, spoke unkindly of his grandmother and used extremely foul language. For whatever reason she insisted that her and her other friend in tow were not afraid of Black people. Suffice it to say that we have to remind the cyclists (specially the boys) where we are in the United States and that some thoughts from way past are still alive today. Everywhere there’s a mixed bag. As I said yesterday with the expert assistance from the man who flew the Confederate flag proudly in his yard and noted all over this blog we have met nothing but kind, generous and beautifully spirited people along the way. As it did just yesterday and earlier this week with all the sunshine we’ve been getting we were about due for some rain.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks. Let’s Move Outside!

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