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SnR UGRR Tour 2011 ~ June 16 Ride Day 2


Yesterday was my worse day. I won’t speak for the Youth Cyclists but a couple of them had a hard time, as well. The distance was 66 miles; our longest route to date (hehe, training included) with a climactic ending.

The morning started off quite well. We were only 12 minutes behind schedule and got on the road just after 7am to beat the heat. We started off in Stockton, AL and began moving north with the destination of Grove Hill. The morning was cool but the humidity high. Pausing for any moment of time built up a layer of sweat. In a misadjustment with here pedals, Ife took a tumble, hurting her knee. With not much bruised but her ego she got back on the bike and continued on.

Cycling is extremely enjoyable but also teaches you about who you are. There were some mean elevations that we conquered. One in particular was a grandaddy of all the rises so far and every cyclist said the same thing: “Did you see that HILL? OMG, I didn’t think I’d make it!”  But, of course, they did. Because Ife and I were together most of the time she was the one who gets documented for “beasting” the hill.

As the day wore on it became increasingly hotter and the speed decreasingly slower for me and Ife. We were about 50 minutes behind the group but moving steadily. At lunch break we crossed a major river (and its too early for me to remember the name) but the view was breathtaking. I vowed that moment that I will have the other camera hanging around my neck to capture such sights. There will be more.

As we climbed hill #67 (I was really counting but it feels like its that high) Ife’s knee started to give her a great deal of difficulty so she had to stop. Mahlique, Chris, Houston and Kyvon waited with her until Suepinda could double back to make the pickup. Once she was safely in the van we continued on.
Not that I was trying but I was not match for the boys. Even the light speeds of 13mph was a bit too much for me and I quickly fell behind. Suepinda says its because I’m staying up too late and getting up too early. We’ll see. I still have a month to go. hehe.

Got a wonderful letter in the mail from Sara Rose, our new Quaker Friend and her husband/partner Daryl. She recounted their cycling adventure and how much strength she found in herself on that tour. Please read it in the Featured Articles section.

The climactic event of the day was our police escort into the city of Jackson, AL!! It just gets better and better!  The first night with our Quaker Friends to the impromptu and warm acceptance from the Iron Men Ministries to provide accommodations on such a short notice. The good will of the people are exciting. Jackson really pulled out the stops with the police escort. It was necessary and exciting at the same time.

I’ll upload photos later, so please check back. I have to get ready to go out on the road.  Its 5:10am and we need to start our day.

Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling UGRR Tour 2011 ~ Visit the nation’s National Parks.  
Let’s Move Outside!

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