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Ibn’s Post – June 17 Ride Day 3

Ibn’s Post – June 17 Ride Day 3

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Today, overall, was pretty exciting; we got to see more historical sites and over rode our destination of Campbell, AL during the 40 miles this morning. Campbell’s on the map but in reality, I think its just a one house town.  We also got to meet a person, who at 13 years of age, actually walked across the Edmund Pettus bridge in a major event called “Bloody Sunday.”

Tonight were staying at the YMCA of Selma.  Yesterday, we stayed at the Jackson police station in Jackson, Alabama. So far, they’ve topped everyone we’ve stayed with by even paying for our dinner and extracurricular stuff. It was pretty nice to be honest. Today, we  also did a live video feed using Skype to the “National Parks Service” who is currently having their National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom conference in Cincinnati, OH. The NPS was very instrumental in making this trip even possible. We’ve all had a long day and want to go swimming cause it was super duper hot out today! Since the beginning every thing’s been great and I hope it continues to be.

Tomorrow is full of surprises, so I’m pretty much itching to know what’s going to happen right now. Well, we have a long adventure ahead of us so “Adiós Amigo” until tomorrow.


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